Fishing Trip Seychelles

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Seychelles is a country of which numerous fishing techniques have been used successfully from bottom fishing, trolling, offshore fishing to hook and line fishing.
One of the most common methods of fishing in the tropical island of Seychelles is hook and line fishing which is mainly practiced by Seychellois fisherman, although this type of fishing is quite famous it is not the most effective way of fishing. The most effective way of fishing is trolling and it is something we practice a lot.

Trolling is an efficient method, which is used to capture both tons of different varieties of fish especially sail, sword and king fish amongst many others.
With the help of these different techniques, especially trolling, we are able to capture numerous types of fish from pelagic to demersal. And we know where they are in and out of season. To help you experience the Seychelles ocean at it’s best we have a large fleet of boats, ranging from speed vessels to stay aboard. We can give you access to any area of the Seychelles Seas and we can guarantee you a good time filled with unforgettable experiences.


Seychelles is a country which numerous fishing techniques and we are equipped for the majority of them and can get you everywhere you want to go